Why can’t I change?

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Those of us who have tried to change for the better may have come across this question numerous times. Why is it so hard, why can’t I get over it? Whatever your issue is – lies, theft, lust, you know these things despite perhaps giving you thrills in the moment are in fact blocking you from a closer relationship with God, they are stopping your growth. And you’ve realised that, and so you want to change but it’s feeling like forever.

Now if you’ve been born and raised in the church, there are a handful of scriptures and sayings that you’ve heard time and time again but when you think about it you don’t really fully know what they mean or you haven’t fully grasped the revelation for yourself.

The first step to change is wanting it – how much do you want to change? In your hearts of hearts you’ve gotta want it for yourself more than anybody else ever will.

And I believe when it comes to this type of change – breaking habits that have been in place for so long – the only one we can fully rely on is God. For as long as we live we will face the same temptations again and again and upon our own strength we will fail over and over again, because at the end of the day we’re only human, but if we rely on God’s power to beat these terrible habits and not our own, the Bible says that when we are weak, God is strong.

This leads me onto our golden text for the day:
Acts 1: 8

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

This passage tells us that God the spirit will give us power to overcome these problems, these recurring sins that are stunting our growth and stopping us reach our goals. That it is by God’s power that we overcome and not our own. So don’t rely on your own efforts (or your ‘flesh’ as they would say in church) to beat sin, instead rely completely on God’s ability, strength and power.

In Romans 8, the Bible talks about being led by the spirit. If it is by God’s spirit we are changed then the more time we spend with him the closer we are to him and therefore the easier we are led by him. So today I encourage you, even if it only be 30 minutes in the morning – pray, read a passage from the Bible, spend time with God so that he can lead us by his spirit in the direction we must go.

Okay..so now what?

Now in school we learn subjects for years and years and one day towards the end of our school days we are tested. And sadly, hardly ever do we come across a test that gives you the opportunity to spell a word out or say a straight textbook answer, this is because the examiner is always trying to get us to ‘apply our knowledge’. I believe it is the same with Life, life may throw challenges or temptations at you but you can’t expect God to show up there in the flesh and beat your battle for you, you have to – in that moment – remember all that God has put in your heart and apply faith in God to get you through the test.

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J x


  1. Hey man! NIce post… only thing i would say is that the First step is to acknowledge that you NEED to change, and THEN wanting to change!
    Anyway keep it up! Bless…

  2. Brotha, this is straight WISDOM!

    Thank you for this, I’ve needed this lately, and this affirms with several different things I’ve been reading that say the exact same thing. Staying closer to God is the answer indeed.

    Thanks bro and God bless you.