#PENGTING: Advice to Singles: Faithchild

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On July 16th I released a song called “Peng Ting” in which I touched on the frustrations of a single teenager  and spoke on not knowing how to navigate that lifestyle correctly at times. I felt like single life was doubly as hard as a young christian as it is so hardly touched on in church.

So in addition to the song I decided to produce a blog series in which married christian couples and long time christian singles give advice to single young adults who may be struggling to live the single life in a God honouring way.

This week we have Michael, more commonly known as MOBO Award winning MC ‘Faithchild’, a pioneer in UK christian rap. He’s probably done about 1000 shows over his decade long career in an effort to share his faith with others through music. In salute to his faith, Michael has also been celibate for 28 years, and has been very vocal about it in his songs and on social media. Being an unashamed follower of Jesus and an avid believer in ‘God’s way is the best way’, we knew we had to get him involved. Here’s what he had to say:

How have you coped with sexual tension without sinning?

I think the most important thing is not putting yourself in situations that make you vulnerable. By God’s grace, I’m still a virgin at 28. From young I was determined to wait until I was married. Being a virgin has enabled me to appreciate women for who they are, as opposed to their sexual performance.

How did you cope with external pressures on you to settle down?

I just mind my own business. The glossy relationships we see online aren’t always what they seem to be. I’ve learnt that everyone’s story is different. I was genuinely content with being single. I still do love my own company. You can’t rush love. I don’t intend on getting divorced, so I’ll use this unmarried period to perfect myself for my partner.

What advice would you give to singles/unmarried couples who are struggling with sexual sin?

Monitor that which you feed your eyes and mind. Our decisions are based off our intake. If you know Instagram is a stumbling block for you then delete it. If you know kissing your partner leads to certain things, cut it out. God designed us to find the opposite sex attractive. Being ‘sexual’ is of God, but within context, and that is within marriage. So don’t feel bad for feeling aroused. It’s not a sin to be tempted, it’s a sin when you give in.

What do you look for in a spouse?

A God fearing born again Christian and a woman of morals. Character is the most important thing. Looks are great, but will one day fade. Also, my spouse will need to be able to understand my vision and the direction I am heading. To sum it up, Brain, Beauty and Banter.

Comment below some couples you’d like to hear from, questions you’d want them to be asked and we’ll do our best to get them on here! In the meantime stream #PengTing on SoundCloud and sing it from the rooftops!!