#PENGTING: Advice to Singles: A-Star and Debs

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On July 16th I released a song called “Peng Ting” in which I touched on the frustrations of a single teenager  and spoke on not knowing how to navigate that lifestyle correctly at times. I felt like single life was doubly as hard as a young christian as it is so hardly touched on in church.

So in addition to the song I decided to produce a blog series in which married christian couples and long time christian singles give advice to single young adults who may be struggling to live the single life in a God honouring way.

This week we have Alidor, more commonly known as christian Grime MC ‘A Star’ who’s debut EP ‘Revolutionary’ shot to number four on the official UK christian chart! BRAP! Alidor is due to marry his very own pengting on August 5th, Debs. Here’s what they had to say:


How did you meet your ‘very own pengting’?

We met in Nando’s after a gospel concert.

Top three tips to a successful marriage?

Communication, accountability, laughter.

How did you cope with external pressures on you to settle down?

Don’t get gassed off what we see on social media. Understanding your own journey and being content with where you are. And having the assurance from God that His timing is perfect.

What advice would you give to singles/unmarried couples who are struggling with sexual sin?

Be accountable to mature christians who you trust. Understand what God’s word says on sexual sin. Don’t trust in your flesh, you’re not as strong as you think you are. And be practical, know where not to be at the wrong times and be honest with your struggles.

What do you look for in a spouse?

Someone who loves God, loves others and loves themselves. Someone who can have a good laugh and be humble. Someone who is at the service of others.

Comment below some couples you’d like to hear from, questions you’d want them to be asked and we’ll do our best to get them on here! In the meantime stream #PengTing on SoundCloud and sing it from the rooftops!!