New Single – More of You ft Jake Isaac

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On November the 27th 2011, a very highly respected, loved and passionate footballer called Gary Speed committed suicide. What surprised me most about his story is that two nights before his death I saw him on BBC – Final Score looking bubbly, smiling and laughing – just goes to show we can never (unless maybe you really know them) know what’s going on in someones life and more importantly in someones mind, behind the scenes.

And I couldn’t help but think “what truly makes a person content”? There’re so many stories like this one, where a person who’s had money, fame and large success find themselves doing drugs, suffering from depression or committing suicide because they feel empty inside.

And like these great people who have achieved great things, we all want to do amazing things on this Earth and reach our goals but will achieving that make us truly happy and content? If I achieve my goals I will be happy, yes, but only for a while but if I achieve nothing I’ll still be content because knowing that God loves me (despite all my mistakes and failures) brings peace and joy to my heart. That is what truly makes me content. So I want more of God, to feel more of his love, to have more hope and to know more about him so that no matter what I can still walk out of my house with a smile on my face.

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  1. Saw u @ NYC 50th Anniversary! This world needs more people like you in this day and age. What u do is truly a blessing to many youth. Oh and I also got my CD signed and I put the poster on my wall #Sho lol but keep it up!

  2. J Vessel, I am so happy and proud of how far you have come. I’ve been there since the Facebook and twitter days, way before ‘I’m A Vessel’ came out. And I’ll be here to the end to see what God will use you to do. You are a vessel, used by God. God has used you to bless and impact my life. And now this song – it’s amazing. I want more of God! Keep it up, bro. You’re in my prayers. Much love x

  3. Thank you brother for this :-). God bless u:-). And may you have more of him in Jesus’ name, Amen!
    Love You!

  4. Hey Team Vessel. I stand, truly touched by this record. I think its what we all pray and how you have voiced it is so amazing. The hook is tight and the lyrics are so deep. When can we come see you live ??

  5. What a powerful song. Every word effectual. Reminds me of how greatful I am to my beautiful Father & that all I have means nothing without Him. Makes me think of King Nebuchadnezzar, that if I ever lost every single thing in my life on Earth, I’d still have God, I’d still be able to have more of Him, He would pull me through. Makes me feel so content in Him alone. Welldone, continue to allow God to minister through u. Bless ux

  6. Wow. Jordan, this is absolutely beautiful. You won’t understand how deeply this song has touched me; and confirmed a lot of things for me, for 2013. More of God; it’s what we ALL need in able for God to move among us!
    I am so proud of you and how you have let God manifest in you. Continue on this path and stay steadfast, God is using you to reach our generation and the ones after us! May he bless and keep you! I love you bro, you are an encouragement to me. DONT STOP!! 🙂 x
    Love Tee