New Single – All Night Long featuring Guvna B

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I had the honour of working with two of my heroes on a grime tune! With my Dad being a christian DJ, I had these guys albums on repeat in our car growing up. Growing up in London, immersed in urban culture, I’ve always been a fan of grime music, and although I wouldn’t label myself a grime MC I’ve always wanted to do a grime track, you know, ‘one for the books‘ and what better way to do it than with Guvna B and Victizzle. ALL NIGHT LONG is a party anthem, a song which you can skank out to at the rave (while telling the DJ to play my song)! Having said that, it also has an underlying metaphorical message and without getting too deep, in this song I’m telling the radio stations and the people who decide who and what gets played on TV that I’m gonna be here for as long as God wills me staying true to who God made to be and shining my light in dark places and we won’t take no for answer. So next time you’re at the dance, tell the DJ to play my song!