J Vessel for Best Gospel Act at the MOBO Awards 2014

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One day I had a dream that music could be used for more than boastful remarks and could instead be used to uplift, encourage and inspire people. I’m J Vessel, a 17 year old rapper currently studying for his A Levels. I love music. I’m also a Christian, and it’d be a lie if I said that my faith doesn’t inform my music, because the fact is, it does. That’s not to say that I rap about passages of the Bible or rap in a preachy tone. I have a lot to say about the things I see and the things I go through – good and bad, I just talk about them from my perspective. I don’t mind being different, as a matter of fact, I embrace it!

I once had the honour of shooting a music video “Amazing Love” at the 6th form college I currently attend. I wanted to shoot it there not only to incorporate all my school friends on my journey but also to show the world that young people can put others before themselves (and have fun doing it) amid much animosity towards my generation. I’ve always found rap music to be a form of expression. When you stand behind that mic, you have the freedom to tell the world your story. I’ve had the privilege of sharing my story with many all around the world and God has always shown his hand upon my life – for which I’m extremely very grateful.


So, here’s the thing. I’ve been nominated for Best Gospel Act at this years MOBO Awards! If I win I will be the youngest musician to ever win this award in this category! To hear that we were nominated was a huge shock and if I’m honest, I don’t think it’s sunk in yet! I mean, even up until this very moment I wouldn’t be surprised if they called and said they got the wrong guy! But, God has his ways. Some people chase things like this but the fact is that we don’t decide these things, God does. I hope that by this people will be encouraged to let God have full control and let him do the crazy while we do what needs to be done. Trust that God has a plan for your life and that he’s got your back. I also hope that young people will be inspired to be bold and begin their work and not be afraid of critics or people telling them ‘they’re too young’. You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion!

I stand for something bigger than me, I live to give hope to restless hearts and put substance and transparency back into music.

Let’s achieve this together

If you want to support this movement and see me win you can vote “J. Vessel” online at https://www.mobo.com/voting/best-gospel-act – (Voting closes on the 20th of October)

Tune into itv 1 on the 22nd of October 2014 to see how we done.

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