#ImAVessel what about u?

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People love to go on like hate is a stronger emotion than love when to me it seems easier to say to someone who’s done you dirty “I img_7829hate u” than “I love u” & mean it. Don’t buy into the fear and lies they want you to believe in the media. God’s done his part by giving us all gifts & talents and a platform on which to use them; school playground, work, uni or presidential campaign – what u gonna do with what u got? Spread love? Or spread hate? #ImAVessel, what about u?
When times get tough or we get reminded of how messed up our world is (we are) nobody wants to talk about or hear the word “God” because it presents a distant storylike perfection which isn’t everyday reality. But in doing that you are saying that you want things to remain the same.
I could point to what’s obviously wrong with our world or I could point to hope and one who was more controversial than anyone who ever lived. Although unlike trump, Jesus was controversial for unconditionally loving the unloveable, going against the status quo and offering hope. My role model.
Love people but don’t find your identity in them. I have no faith in humanity only in God & In God alone. And sorry to spoil the hate party but bun whatever their talking about cos love always wins. Said it before and I’ll say it again: Don’t buy into the lies they tell you on the TV cos it’s all pants compared to what we have in Christ.


    1. I have a box of letters my mom wrote to me through the years. She lived in Australia and passed away in 2004. I sometimes read them because they were full of humor, she was very fun7y.Kit324n(at)aol(dot)com