New Single: ‘Lose Control’

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Taken from his forthcoming debut EP, The Story Of Jordan James, which is due for release later this year, and produced by Victizzle, who has previously worked with the likes of Stormzy, Chip and Ms. Banks, ‘Lose Control’ is an infectious and hazy UK rap/sung offering, which sees J Vessel in captivating story-telling mode, as he battles his conscience around a subject many can relate to, underpinned by his honesty, catchy rap-singing flow and relatable lyrics.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Lose Control’, J Vessel says, “everybody’s received that late night text, and some of us have even sent them, which always leaves us with a predicament on our hands, ‘do I go to their house and feel guilty in the morning or do I listen to my conscience and stay away?’ – Everyone’s reasoning for this question is different, it could be because of your faith or moral code, but I know that personally, it’s a familiar story for me and the mandem, so I wanted to put it in a song”.

Expanding on how and why ‘Lose Control’ came about, J Vessel adds that, “I get messages almost everyday from young single christians online asking for advice on how to deal with sexual temptation or guilt, but little do they know that I struggle with it as well! I wanted to make an honest song about my own struggles, even down to the visual representation of what that feels like, so that people know that they are not alone. Why don’t we talk about these things? This is a familiar topic for people of all faiths and a very relatable story for many young people today”.

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