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This is a phrase that has been so rinsed out by people using it in the wrong context and people desperate for re-tweets on twitter, but despite it having lost some of it’s value, I believe it is a really important life lesson. I believe that everybody is born with[…]

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Everybody knows that for one to remain upright they need to be well balanced – it’s just a fact of life. Nobody goes around with half a helmet on or a bag of cement on one shoulder. I believe that it’s the same with life. An athlete who wants to[…]

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Dream BIG

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Many of us have huge, great, big dreams, dreams to help people, to inspire people and to change the world! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! My motto is #ImAVessel. And this basically means that throughout my life, all the gifts, talents and ability God has given me[…]

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Why can’t I change?


Those of us who have tried to change for the better may have come across this question numerous times. Why is it so hard, why can’t I get over it? Whatever your issue is – lies, theft, lust, you know these things despite perhaps giving you thrills in the moment[…]

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